Tezzieland is a fair public Tezos Delegate Service, active since cycle 42. Choosing us as your Tezos Delegate, you will earn new “baked” Tezos holding your coins in your wallet. ​Our service is secure, you will always have full control of your own wallet. We cannot have control of your XTZ! Just relax, you’ll receive automatically freshly “baked” Tezos, cycle by cycle.

NO SIGN UP REQUIRED! No login and no password are required, just put our delegation key into your wallet and we’ll do the rest! Don’t leave your precious XTZ locked into the exchanges wallet! Safely store them into your favorite wallet and grow your balance!

You will earn your income from block reward, and a little service fee will be charged. We distribute rewards to our delegators cycle by cycle, automatically. 

The minimum delegated Tezos amount to get payed is just 10 XTZ. Our standard fee is just 6.95%.

Protect yourself from inflation dilution by delegating the work to us. Sit back and relax while we grow your crypto portfolio automatically.

We do not store our client’s Tezos because when you delegate to us, you keep physical possession of your Tezos in your personal wallet. You simply add our public key to your wallet, signifying to the system that we are your delegate. Easy!


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We offer a fair service with a 1% fee till 2020 December 31th, next year we’ll hold back just a fair 6.95% fee. We’ll send your freshly baked tezzies directly to your account, each single cycle, automatically! Easy… We do not control your tezzies! Just put our public key into your wallet and watch your tezzies growing!


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Any questions? Contact us: info@tezzieland.com or join our Telegram Group (eng/ita): t.me/tezzieland

and do not forget to follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/tezzieland !