TezBox has been one of first Tezos wallet. Unfortunately its development seems to be stopped, it is not updated since December 25th 2019 so we do not recommend to use it at the moment.


Step 1

• Open your Tezbox wallet. Always remember to save and safely store your mnemonic words and passphrase, and your private key;


Step 2

• Click on the tab “Delegate”;


Step 3

• In the window on the left, select “Custom”;


Step 4

• In the right window select Low Fee;


Step 5

• Now in the space for “Custom Delegate” paste Tezzieland’s pubblic key: tz1fUjvVhJrHLZCbhPNvDRckxApqbkievJHN


Step 6

• Now you are ready to click on the tab “UPDATE DELEGATE”;


Step 7

• CONGRATULATIONS! You have just delegated to Tezzieland, relax and watch your wallet growing!