Tezzet is a wallet developed by Luiz Milfont, one of most active Tezos developer at the moment. It is a really easy and user-friendly desktop (Windows, MacOS and Linux versions availables) and mobile (Android) wallet. You can create quikly a new wallet or you can use your Ledger. It is still in development and something may be improved, but it is really promising! You can find it at this address: https://tezos.rio/carteira.html


Step 1

• Open your Tezzet wallet. Create a new wallet or connect your ledger. Always remember to save and safely store your mnemonic words and passphrase;


Step 2

• Click on the tab “Delegate”;


Step 3

• In the delegate tag write “Tezzieland” or scroll since you find our delegate, then select. Easy!


Step 4

• Once you selected Tezzieland you will see some important infos about our bakery: our address, our rank, our fee, if we are accepting delegations or not, our available capacity, our efficiency (in the last six months, we reached 100% efficiency), nominal and real yield. You just have to click on the “SET” button;


Step 5

• Click “OK” to confirm your delegation;


Step 6

• Congratulations! You just delegate your Tezos to tezzieland.com!