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• What is delegation?

Delegation is the process of assigning Tezos tokens to the baking and approval rights of another account. We will never manage your private keys: the keys are always under your control. It’s just a way to earn more coins.

• What are baking and voting?

Baking and voting are predefined processes in the Tezos protocol that build the Tezos blockchain and reward the baker with new coined Tezos.

• Why should I delegate my tokens to Tezzieland?

Tezzieland uses your cooking rights to coin new Tezos tokens and returns 99% of the tokens with Tezos tokens till 2020 31th December.

• What kind of risks do I take by delegating my tokens?

The only risk you are taking is that a delegation service does not pay your earnings. Your capital is safe in your account.

• How can I delegate my tokens?

The specific instructions depend on the portfolio you are using, go to “How to delegate” page to know how to do it.

• Can I cancel or reassign my delegation?

Yes, you can cancel or reassign your proxy at any time from your wallet.

• How many earnings can I expect?

It depends on many factors. But simply speaking, you can expect an annual return of at least 5% if you delegate and an annual return of 8.5% if you invest your tokens in Tezzieland’s investment program.

• Do you offer a fixed or dynamic return?

We provide a dynamic return of 99% of revenue if you delegate tokens to Tezzieland, till the end of 2020. We provide a 100% dynamic return on revenue + 50% revenue sharing if you invest your tokens in Tezzieland. Our baking pool will arrive soon.

• Where do your earnings come from?

Our revenue includes new Tezos tokens minted by baking and endorsing blocks and operational fees. 93.05% of all our revnue will be paid back to your account.

• How do you pay back my returns?

We would send your profit to your account so you would get compunded interest on it.

• How do you calculate the profits?

You can easily check your rewards amount on the tzscan’s rewards page. It is a precise calculation based on the Tezos blockchain.

• When can I expect my first payment from the date of delegation?

You could expect your first payment in approxiamtely 36-39 days! We understand it seems like long time, but we are not holding your share! it is simply how Tezos protocol is designed and is the same for all bakers. We pay you as soon as your reward is available. Whenever we bake or endorse a new block, we should post a bond to the network. this bond will be frozen for 5 cycles. We put up 100% of the required bond from our own account.

• What is over-delegation?

Over-delegation happens when we have too much tokens delegated to our account. I would like to have some kind of endorsement rights, but we are short on required bond to use this right. In this case, the baking or endrosement opportunity will be given to another baker and revenue will be lost for us.

• Can you control the delegations to your account so over-delegation doesn’t happen?

No, by default we cannot control who delegates to our account.

• What is your policy in case of over-delegation? Will it reduce my profits?

It depends on when you delegated your funds to us. Our policy is “First come, First serves”: the delegates who delegated first will get their full profit and the delegates who later delegated and caused the excessive delegation will get no profit. We will announce when we are too delegated via Twitter and our telegram announcement channel.

• I have other questions how can I contact you?

You can contact us by email: info@tezzieland.com

You can join out Telegram group (eng/ita) : t.me/tezzieland

or you can send us a PM on Twitter @tezzieland